Best Web Hosting Company

A web hosting company is a business entity that offers one or more types of hosting services. Some companies also offer domain registrations and SSL certificates, which are closely related to the web hosting service itself, so a client can get the whole range of services needed for a website to be online.

There are several types of web hosting that companies offer. Some of them are specialized in offering only one type, while others offer a variety of hosting packages. The most popular type is the shared web hosting plan as it requires the least amount of time and effort to maintain the servers, and at the same time it is the type that most people are looking for, since it is also the cheapest. Each client gets an account with a certain amount of system resources, and since everybody pays only for their account, the price per person is quite low. This makes the shared web hosting solution a preferred choice for people who want to create a personal website, but it is also suitable for small or medium business websites. A lot of the companies that offer only shared hosting services are resellers under larger hosting providers.

For more resource-demanding websites, there are two other types of hosting - a Virtual Private Server and a dedicated server. The advantage of these plans is that there is full administrative, or root access, so the user can install any application on the server, which is not possible with a shared hosting plan. The system resources of a VPS exceed by far the ones of a shared account as there are only a few VPS accounts on a physical machine, while a dedicated server is limited only by its hardware. These two types of website hosting require a lot more maintenance by the provider, so only a number of companies, such as Lonex, offer them.

Regardless of the type of hosting, all servers require special environmental conditions for optimal performance. These conditions are provided in special facilities called datacenters. A datacenter either can be owned by the given hosting company, or the hosting company may lease server space in various datacenters around the world. What the datacenter staff does is take the necessary measures to keep all servers operational at all times. That's why each datacenter has at least one redundant power supply, usually diesel generators, and at least one or two Internet providers having network capacity equal to their main provider's. In this way, the servers will continue working and all websites hosted on them will still be accessible if there is an infrastructure problem and the main power line or Internet connection is interrupted.

A good hosting company is one that has a number of servers in one or more datacenters. If it is a company that offers only shared web hosting services, it is most likely a reseller with a single rented server. This doesn't mean that the service will be bad, but the prices will be higher and the response time significantly longer compared to a genuine hosting provider's. The means of contacting the customer and technical support teams is also a sign how good the company is. A direct phone line, live chat and short email and trouble ticket response times show that the support staff is available 24/7 and that it is a serious company. On the contrary, an email address or an online contact form with no response time guarantees almost definitely means that it is a reseller offering another provider's hosting services.

A company that also offers domain registrations and SSL certificates allows the customer to purchase and manage all services for their website from the same account, saving time and effort.